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Thursday, October 7, 2010

How about some hot sauce with that ice cream?

So what's up with the strange cravings?  NO!  I'm not pregnant.  However, I do have some strange taste at times when it comes to my food and books.  I like to think that my taste are 'normal' but sometimes really they even freak me out.  So what's wrong with a having a desire to read or write about a schizophrenic vampire who works at a blood bank.  Seems perfectly fine to me.  Especially if you like to throw in a virgin succubus blood donor who has a phobia of sharp objects; such as needles or fangs.  Go figure.  But again it also tickles my fancy when the hero doesn't mind killing a close family member in order to save a zombie stranger who may or may not hold the key to curing an out break of a deadly epidemic.  YUMMY!  Bring out the popcorn and Tabasco sauce for a day of delicious mayhem.  Yep, that's my kind of normal. 

With that being said, I pretty much do not have any discrimination when it comes to reading.  I read about anything...at least once.  I mean how am I going to know if I like it or not if I don't give it a try?  I have the same view on food.  Sometimes the worst looking foods turn out to be the best tasting meals.  Books can be that way as well.  You never know what a delicious treat you'll come across once you try out a new different genre of books.  You may discover that you have an eclectic taste once you open the cover and devour the inside contents. 

Well, with all this talk of food and books, I'm getting hungry for some shrimp nachos with a classic appetizer of Edgar Allan Poe.  So what do you crave?


  1. Well, I crave almost any food, which is seriously starting to show! And I love reading, pretty much anything also...see a repeating trend here??

    Although I tend to love my paranormal romances a bit more than any others, yes, I'm biased.

    My recent crave on the book side is Lara Adrian. I mean, can her Midnight Breed Alpha Males get any hotter?? Lucan or Tegan anyone??? And that Chase (Harvard)character, darn, I cannot wait to get my hands on him (er-his book). :)

    Now I'm anxiously awaiting the non-paranormal fare...Sarah MacLean's new one, Ten Ways to be Adored While Landing a Lord, yes, that is the WHOLE title! And the ingenious Lorraine Heath has a new series that is about to start up.

    I'm salivating already!

    Trish aka Wackycajun

  2. I like to read a variety, too! A favorite paranormal series for me is Michele Bardsley vampire series about a town of paranormal beings in Broken Heart Oklahoma! hot read, hotter characters and everything from vampires, lycans, and dragons!! Very funny style, too.
    Great post, JD!

  3. Trish, I am waiting for those two books too!

    I will read anything once, I am a lit major after all and I found out some of the books I wasn't looking forward to reading turned out to be my favorites. However, I will not eat anything. I am a bit of a picky eater. I hate beans, in all shapes and forms and a few other foods. Although if there are no beans or any of my other no way foods in it, I will try it. But with books I will read anything from classics, young adult, paranormal, mystery, biography to, of course, romance. Honestly, if I am bored and there is an enclopypedia laying around, I would pick it up and read it. Hey, that is how I got hooked on Harry Potter! :)

  4. Kasey, LOL!! You sound like me! I read anything too!

    I so cannot wait for Sarah's book and Lorraine's too. I'm really liking the fact that LH's new releases will come out close together too.


  5. I read anything when I have time, but I have to admit that here lately, I have ADHD when it comes to reading. I've got four different books started. I KNOW...that's crazy, right? Every book is a completely different genre from the others. I think I need medication...LOL!

  6. Trish, I know I am so exctied that they are coming out so close together. It is nice when you don't have to wait a year for a sequel.

    Lori, I have done that with books. I know I have done three, but I don't think I have ever done four. I did it a lot in college. One semester I was in four seperate literature courses. My eyes were pretty much strained all the time from reading too much!