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Friday, September 17, 2010

OH NO...The "M" Word.

Today, I reflect on a subject which I believe so many have different views on; some good, some bad but regardless, most American adults have participated in or 'dipped' their feet into it at some point...and it is...marriage.

Oh my!  Did I just say the scary and ugly, 'm' word?  I did, didn't I?  Well, the nerve of me but that's me so deal with it or move onto another blog...I'm jesting. Seriously though, a lot of individuals have misgivings when it comes to marriage.  Today, our society seems to view marriage as something that a couple 'tries' out and see how it 'fits' with their plans and if it doesn't they end it.  It's sad really but I believe that it goes hand in hand with how our society has become more self absorbed and self-centered; along with the mentality of 'quick gratification'.  We're spoiled and we want what we want when we want it...ugh!  You see, we've lost touch on how to truly nurture relationships of quality; meaning loving and trusting marriages.

Marriage is not the 'fairy tale happily-ever-after without any problems and all is hunky-dory 24/7' event.  It's continually changing because people change over time and that means hard work and being consistent and committed to the relationship. 

I know this first hand because I married young in my first marriage and unfortunately we didn't know how to 'deal' and grow together.  Although the marriage ended on 'good' terms, sadly it still ended.  I hope to believe that I know more now; therefore, not make the same mistakes in my current marriage.  Today, marks 12 years which my husband and I have been married and we've known each other for 27 years...YIKES!!  I know, a long time.  Yet, even with the amount of time I've known my husband, we still work on keeping the lines of communication open and being honest with one another.  We've had several ups and downs and 'I want to bury him in the backyard moments' but through it all GOD has helped us along the way to mature and truly deal with each other's habits, moods, attitudes, and personalities.  We're polar opposites and that's what attracted us to one another but we've learned along the way that sometimes those same qualities can either tear a couple apart or bring them closer together.  We've chose to confront our fears, deal with reality, and trust in GOD in helping us to relate to one another.  It's not always easy but it's definitely been an interesting ride.
My man and I:  Even our shadows are united.

I don't mean to be on a soap box but I want people to really think about marriage as a serious matter and not something to try on like a prom dress or tux for a special night.  If your marriage isn't perfect, don't expect it to be...there aren't any perfect marriages.  But stay committed and consistent on working on and improving the relationship; GOD will bless your efforts.  My marriage is proof of that and I am eternally grateful. AMEN.

My marriage also gives great inspiration for my writing.  I won't share everything but let's just say the love scenes in my manuscripts aren't lacking...heehee.


JD :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

DragonCon...and the freak goes to...

Playin' around as Simi
When I was a little girl, dressing up was part of my playtime.  You see, I grew up with three older brothers and we lived out in the country...far, far, away from any of my school friends.  So in order to entertain myself, I dressed up in whatever I found or created...among other things.  I'm sure all my times alone manifested many of my eccentric and wild imaginary friends. 

With that being said, it's not far fetch theory that I thrive in an environment such as DragonCon.  It's like a beacon to my soul...calling me home; a security blanket in this hectic world of reality.  Some may think that DCon is freaky or odd but not me.  When I step off the elevator and I see Charonte demons, aliens, or Lord of the Rings' hobbits...I instantly think, 'family' but not as dysfunctional as my own...ahem...that's another blog.  Anyway, DragonCon comforts and stimulates me. 

Sherrilyn Kenyon speaking at the NYT
Best Sellers Panel.
   Kellie, Sherrilyn Kenyon, and Leiann
at Dark Hunters party.
It's an amazing time to rejuvenate my creative juices in my writing as well as a time to let loose and be free from the 'not so pretty' reality the world can be at times.  Plus I do love to get my freak on and rebel just a tad but it's all good fun. 

Cruxshadows concert
Besides attending the vampire ball, and the Cruxshadows concert, I did actually have the opportunity to hear several NYT Bestsellers speak.  This phenomenal panel consisted of Sherrilyn Kenyon, Jonathan Maberry, Laurell K Hamilton, Jim Butcher, A J Hartley, and Kevin J. Anderson.  It was an enlightening, informative, and hysterical time for readers and authors alike.  The wisdom behind all of these talents was mind boggling.  I felt like a succubus and vampire rolled into one...ready to nail my next story up against the wall while sinking my fangs into previous revisions.  It so turned me on...yep...that's me...ready for climax. 

Simi Lei, Mormegil Silverfist, Simi Kel

On that note...I'll leave you all with some pictures for this wonderful adventure called, DragonCon.  Remember, it's not all that strange when one grows up in the mist of wonderland. :) 

Rockin' it with Gene Simmons.