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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tempting Tuesday...Whips and Chains

Countless hours at the gym worked wonders on Michael's body.  It showed in every twist and turn of his physique.  The man was ripped from head to toe.  Not an ounce of unsavory fat on his delicious body could be found anywhere....at least by Marie's observations.  The woman was relentless when surveying a new client and Michael was one whom she didn't mind inspecting severely.  

"Do you mind?  As she brushed her fingertips against his ass cheeks. 

"Not at all, ma'am." 

She smirked then popped  his ass with a riding crop.  "How about now?" 

Michael's nostrils flared as his eyes penetrated her gaze. "No. Do you...mind?" 

She laughed at the insinuation.  "Sometimes, but on my terms."  Like a predator, she slowly circled him. Wanting to intimidate him, she loved throwing the male off balance.  But deep down, she knew it would take more of everything to throw this man off guard.   

"Really?  Well then, I may not want to 'mind' all the time...ma'am."  Michael knew he hit a nerve with that comment.  Just to prove his point, he gripped his already erect cock and stroked it.  His eyes  followed Marie's movements.

Damn him.  Marie's eyes smoldered with heat as well as her pussy; yet, she didn't want him to win this round...at least not right away. 

"You may want to be careful.  I wouldn't want you to hurt yourself."  The sound of her stilettos clipped on the concrete floor as she neared him.  "Besides, I haven't told you to touch...it."  The sound of the chain dragging behind her scrapped along the cold hard floor.  Marie flicked her wrist and the chain smacked against the concrete.  The cracking sound echoed throughout the candle lit room.

When did she pick that up?  Michael hadn't noticed the change in props.  It didn't really matter but the chain represented total submission.  He was willing to bet she figured it would be him down on all fours.  Not likely.  The bitch would soon find out who dominated this situation. 

Without giving her time to react, Michael pounced on her like a jungle cat.  His erection pressed against her lower body as he pinned her down.  The clanging of the chain only intensified his desire for her. 

Breathing heavily against her hair, Michael forced his words out.  "You. Are. Mine. Got it?" 

Liquid heat spilled out of Marie's pussy.  Oh,yeah.  This was what she wanted.  "Yes, sir."  She felt his cock press harder against her ass cheeks.  She knew what words would push his buttons.  She really shouldn't but she couldn't resist saying them.  "If only for a day."

Michael grabbed the chain as soon as Marie's words left her mouth.  Oh, she was his. He intended on proving it too.  "Roll over. Now."

The sensual play of Marie's body rolling over, played further havoc on Michael's arousal.  She smirked as she eyed him with the chain.  "So, planning on spreading me out and chaining me down...or would you like me chained up on the wall?  This room is equipped for any purpose you desire....sir."

Michael laughed at the boldness of this woman.  He kissed her as if she were a t-bone steak and he was the dog salivating for it.  Now, he knew most certainly he'd have his work cut out to prove his 'point' to her. 

Wrapping the chain around her wrists and his, this time his kiss softened as his lips brushed against hers.  "Yeah, I noticed but I think I have a more practical purpose for it."  Intertwining their fingers together, he continued to push on to prove himself to her.


  1. Wow - I love this J.D.! What a hot way to start the day :)

  2. Yow-za! That is hot. Thanks so much, JD. Love the story and the pic. *drool*

  3. WHEW!!!!!! That's a hot one honey!! Good job!