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Monday, May 23, 2011

Manic Monday...Me Mental?

Slamming my hand against the annoying alarm buzzing in my ear, I growl with dread of the impending day.  MONDAY...UGH!  That alone causes a person to go mental and lately that's exactly how this one person feels; mental.  The last few weeks seem utterly foreign to me.  My cloudy mind of fog and disease; utterly bewildering me to save the least. 

Ok, so I'm rambling but hey if it helps me to sort out the chaos within my mind the better off I am and the people around me.  As tempting as it may seem, staying in bed and sleeping away the day offers no resolvement to my insanity. 

The solution involves writing about the snapping of one's neck or actually partaking in the inevitable event and since the latter is frowned upon, it's safe to say writing holds the key from my unfavorable brush with breaking the law. 

With that being said, a quick flare up of the computer hums like a symphony to my ears.  It beckons me with promise of instant gratification of sweet release which doesn't include the sexual kind oh but that can 'come' upon one's libido in an instant under the right conditions but we'll save that one for another day shall we?  Yeah...that's what I thought.  

Anyway, my salvation from my mental prison awaits me; thus, I must leave you for the time being.  But do not fear. I will be back and hopefully in a more stable mind frame.  If not, it's off with the head...preferably someone elses...heehee.  :)

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