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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tempting Tuesday....It's getting hot in here!

In case anyone is in need of cooling off while cooking during this holiday season, here's some brave firemen who can hose you down or maybe even add fuel to the flames...you decide. :)

Ok, I have to add one without the faces but includes some beautiful chests and abs and let's not forget the tattoos.  The tatts alone melts the hair off the back of my neck. Enjoy.

I think a rescue is in need!



  1. *fans self* Whew, JD, you've outdone yourself this time! I'd like to give that one fireman a little taste of "freedom"...LOL And what woman doesn't love a man who can handle a hose? Thanks so much for the uplift to my day!

  2. Burn, baby, burn! I'm feeling HOT, HOT, HOT. Gosh,
    these men are gorgeous. Thanks so much for the post! Now I have to step outside (temp.in the 20s) to see if I can cool off;)

  3. JD,

    I'm on fire and need a fireman to put it out. YOWZA!

    Wonder if they need volunteer firewomen. Sign me up!

  4. OMG!!!!! Love the FREEDOM tat on his abs!!!! YUM...


  5. Hmmm...I think I've been back at least 5 times. This never gets old...