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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

All good things happen...

You ever wander why it's said that all good things must come to an end?  Well, I do and why must that be?  I mean logically there is an abundance of good and marvelous things happening to and for people all the time throughout the world.  It just may not be occurring at the same time and it most definitely isn't heaped upon one individual or a particular group of people all at once either.  Yet, good things do happen on a regular basis just not to a singled out special person; it's usually spread out over a wide range area and dispersed randomly to differnent individuals.

Sure there's the occasional life tragedy but overall the good moments out weigh the bad ones.  Well, in my part of the universe I'd like to think so.  Does that mean I think my life is perfect?  No.  Do I always get what I want?  No.  Do I believe that hard work and perseverance pays off?  Most definitely. 

With that being said, I believe it's the same with writing.  Writers should pursue their crafts and continually learn and grow in their skills as a writer and story teller.  When a writer doesn't give up on his/her dream of being published but earnestly seeks to gain knowledge by attending workshops, participating in critique groups, entering writing contests and most importantly "writes", then I truly believe that the writer will reap great benefits from all the hard work. 

Yet, I understand that the market changes, the public's topic interests wavers, and the general interest of a publisher and agent can fluctuate as well.  However, interests may change but it never seems to fail how society's cultural influences and interests roll back around every few years.  I mean look how skinny pants and bell bottom jeans came back into the fashion scene.  Then there's some things that never go out of style; such as the classic black dress.

 It's the same way in regards to writing a book.  The basic story line of "boy meets girl" and eventually falls in love, after all the turmoil, never goes away.  Yet, there are some topics which may be taboo or barely scratch the surface within the publishing market; such as gay superheroes, or Christians dealing with addiction of some kind, or even the topic of government regulated sex interactions.

The point is, anything is possible when writing fiction.  Keep your mind open to the world around you and remember that if you believe in your story and are excited about it, then chances are that there are others interested in that particular topic as well.

It goes back to what I previously stated, good things happen to people throughout the world just not at once and not at the same time....so don't give up, write, write, and write and definitely believe.

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