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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Writer's Wednesday....Kasey...

Author Kasey...
Today's special guest is fellow Ass Cheek Angel blogger, Kasey.  With this being her first interview and a little shy about it, she asked me to use her first name only at this time.  Sounds fine with me.  In fact, I think it adds a whole mysterious element to her persona.  Don't you think?  Yeah, I believe so, too!  Well, I don't want to embarrass her any further so let's give her a warm welcome.  Hello, Kasey!  *waves and grins*

I'm curious to find out if you have a certain area or place you like to create stories.  I have learned that most writers do in fact.  Where is your favorite place to write?

My favorite place to write is in my apartment, with my iTunes playing in the background.

What is the most difficult for you to write: Characters, conflict, emotions?

The most difficult for me is emotions. I know how my characters are feeling, but sometimes I forget to convey that in my writing.

I find that difficult at times, too.  Do you have critique partners?

Not at the moment, but I would like to find some nearby.

Good luck with finding the perfect critique partner(s) for you.  It's important for a writer to have a compatible critique partner and it's a definite plus when he/she lives in close proximity to you. 

If you were going to cast the hero of your book, what actor would get the part?

I actually do pick pictures of actors to represent my characters. For my work in progress, I have a young Orlando Bloom. My book is a YA novel that takes place in high school, so I try to find pictures of the actor around a certain age so they look like they could still be in high school.

Ohhh, Orlando Bloom!  Now we're definitely curious about this YA novel of yours.  Please tell us a little about your WIP.

My work in progress is a young adult novel that takes place in a high school in Minnesota. Right now I have a trilogy planned and each book will have its own fairy tale them without magical elements. The first one is a Cinderella story.

Now that we know that a certain actor could portray your hero.  How likely are people you meet out in everyday life to end up in your next book?

Somewhat likely. A lot of stuff that happens to me or to people I know may end up in my writing in one form or another, but it usually has changed in meaning when I am done with it. People always tell me to write what I know, so if I know about it, it may show up in my writing.

Good point, Kasey.  So if you could switch places with one of your characters would you?

As of right now, I would not switch places with them. I am not sure if I want to go back to high school.

LOL!  No, I suppose I wouldn't either.  Been there.  Done that.  And have the therapy bills to prove it...uh...sorry.  Ok, moving on now...

Is there a particular fable/tale you would love to write your own version or spin on it?

Beauty and the Beast, but if all goes well with the first book, that is the second one that I have planned.

I'm even more intrigued about your trilogy now!  I look forward to reading your stories when the books are published and released. 

What is your favorite romance movie?

Love Actually.

That's a great movie!  Love it.  How about a favorite actor/actress/both?

Colin Firth and Hugh Grant have been favorites of mine consistently over the past 10 years. As for actresses, I like Kiera Knightly.

They're all in 'Love Actually', too.  Wow!  I don't think that's a coincidence at all, huh?  No wonder you love that movie.  It's filled with a phenomenal cast.

Well, since you've mentioned Colin, Hugh, and Orlando, that leads me to wonder what qualities do you admire most about a man?

Someone who is honest and can make me smile.

I absolutely agree with you, Kasey.  I believe those attributes are quite important in a man.  Well, do you believe in love at first sight or just lust at first sight?

I do believe in both at first sight. I have had lust at first sight, but while I have never been in love at first sight, that does not mean it can't happen. Usually, I am a person that takes a little longer to build deeper relationships with people, so while I am not sure if I am a person that could fall in love at first sight, that does not mean other people can't.

What is your favorite time of year?

Spring. I love when everything begins to turn green again and it starts to warm up.

I also love spring and the different smells that come with it; fresh cut grass, spring rains, and the beautiful flowers.  Do you have a preference when traveling; such as a tropical or European vacation?

Both have their advantages, but I enjoy traipsing around Europe and visiting all these old places where so much history took place.

Well since you mentioned history, if you could time travel would you go forward or backward?

Backward. I think it would be easier to go to a time and place where you know what to expect than to go into the future where all the variables are unknown.

That's definitely one way to look at it for sure.  We're at the close of our time together.  One more question for you, Kasey.  What is your favorite writing conference to attend?

The RWA in Orlando two years ago. I meet some amazing people there (my fellow AssCheekAngel bloggers) and some author's who gave me a lot of encouragement.

Oh, yes indeed!  That was a favorite one of mine as well.  We gathered some wonderful memories and insightful information from NRWA in Orlando that year.  I can't wait to attend another one and see you and the other angels. 

Thank you for being my guest, Kasey.  I really enjoyed you taking the time out of your busy schedule to join us.  I look forward to your return visit.


  1. Great interview ladies. Thanks for sharing about you, Kasey. Would have liked to see a little about the story you're working on, but maybe next interview? :-)

  2. Great to know more about you and your writing process, Kasey! I love JD's comment in regards to high school - "been there, done that, have the therapy bills to prove it." My DD just registered for high school and since I have but a few fond memories of it, I feel like we're both sentenced for the next four years, LOL Aw, I'm sure it won't be bad.

    Kasey - You have great taste in heroes and heroines! And NRWA Orlando was fabulous because that's where I met you and JD! TTYS

  3. Thanks, Elke and Kellie! I would like to share more on the story, but it has been a slow process. Life just gets in the way and I don't write as fast as I would like. I think about it a lot though, so that does help when I do actually find time to work on it!

    I agree. I laughed when I read that high school comment. I have some fond memories of high school, but don't think I would want to do it over.