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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tempting Tuesday...It's All About Rafe.

The cover is hot and what's inside is even hotter. 
This is one spectacular story you don't want to miss.

Today's Tempting Tuesday is all about Rafe.  Rafe who?  You might ask.  Well, Rafe McBride of course.  He's the hot hero in Jennifer Jakes' romance, "Rafe's Redemption". 

I love this story about Rafe McBride and Maggie Monroe so to celebrate their romance and Jennifer being a finalist in the Colorado Romance Writers 2012 Award of Excellence Award, it's all about Rafe today. 

Please enjoy some tantalizing pictures which were all Rafe inspired.  Thank you, Jennifer Jakes, for sharing Rafe and his story with us.  Congratulations, sweetie, and good luck! 

To learn more about Jennifer Jakes and the rest of her fabulous books, please visit her website and blog:


  1. OH!! Thank you so much, JD! You're so sweet. Rafe and I really appreciate it;) And I really appreciate the yummy cowboy candy! (Rafe not so much. He doesn't swing that way!! LMAO)
    Thanks again.

    1. You're quite welcome. But I should thank YOU because I really love 'RAFE'S REDEMPTION'. Absolutely love, love, love it!

      LMAO! I should hope not! I think Maggie would be a little shocked to say the least...heehee.

      Anyway, I'm so tickled pink for you and you so deserve this recognition.

      JD :)

  2. This was an excellent book so I'm not surprised it's up for an Award of Excellence! Congrats Jenn!

  3. Congratulations, again, Jenn. So well-deserved. We all love Rafe, and JD your Rafe-inspired pictures certainly brighten a rainy day LOL> Thanks!

  4. Congrats Jenn and thank you, JD for the lovely, lovely Rafe inspired photos of yummy cowboys. You KNOW I love my cowboys. Think maybe the next series I'll have to write about some. I'm not a horse person, per say, but my neighbor is and she can give me the expertise I'll need.