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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tempting Tuesday...Do You Fear Me, Love?

Sasha's body tensed up from Vladimir's touch. Not because she dreaded it, quite the contrary. Her whole body hummed with a deep satisfaction with just the slightest brush of his fingers against her skin. Hell, she almost climaxed each time this male just said her name let alone touch her in any sexual manner.

“Are you afraid of me?” The words warmed and tingled the nerves along her neck. They were a mere whisper into her ear as he growled out the question.

“No.” Did her voice actually sound that shaky? “No.” She said again. More to convince herself than anyone else.

Vladimir brushed back the dark auburn hair away from her face and nuzzled his nose against her ear lobe. “You smell.....divine.”

“Do I?” She swallowed down a gulp.

“Yes. But I also smell fear.”

“I’m not afraid of you.” Her voice quivered as she fought to keep her body from responding to this man’s touch. She hated the fact that she had no control over her own body.  It was has if it had a mind of it's own and had no problems with betraying her wishes. The problem was that Sasha couldn't actually blame her body for reacting to Vladimir's touch.  Hell, she wasn't sure if she even wanted to ignore him.  She just knew that she didn't want to have a reaction to his touch, his voice, his anything. But damn him to hell. He did affect every essence of her being and she couldn’t, wouldn’t allow that to happen.

“Oh, I believe you are. Afraid of me. Do you think I’ll hurt you, love?” He murmured into her hair. His hands gently grasped her shoulders then slowly spanned downward to her waist.

She clenched her jaws to keep from saying something she’d regret but realistically there’d already been plenty of things she did regret. Saying something stupid or inappropriate was the least of her list of ‘not so great’ moments. Reluctantly she squeaked out a response, “You won’t hurt me.”
A chuckle tickled the nape of Sasha’s neck. “There’s other ways to hurt someone. It doesn’t have to be physically. And not all physical hurts are painful either. Some have actually been known to bring a person ultimate pleasure.”

When she didn’t reply verbally, Vladimir’s heightened senses acutely picked up on the tiny hairs on Sash’s arms standing to attention. Not to mention the tightening of her lace teddy across her breasts and her rapid shallow breathing. “So the question remains up for debate, what frightens you? Being hurt? Or actually enjoying it?”

“I told you. I’m not afraid of you or what you’ll do. I don’t believe you’ll hurt me anyway.” She fought to ignore his sensual touch on her skin and keep her gaze away from him. She blinked several times to keep her eyes from wanting to turn around and face him. If she faced him, she realized her will power would crumple. Hearing his husky voice next to her ear played enough havoc on her sensory overloads.

“You’re right. I won’t hurt you, Sasha.” He nipped her earlobe to make a point. She gasped at his aggressiveness but quickly squelched it. Vlad’s laugh burst out from her reaction. “Yes, love, I won’t hurt you…not unless you want me to.”