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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tempting Tuesday...Locker Room Talk or Not?

"I know my deodorant is around here somewhere.  Where the hell...?"  Jason precariously grabbed his towel while rummaging through the gym locker.

While focusing on his current task, Jason didn't notice the soft padded footsteps coming up from behind him.  At first the delicate fingers tickling his back registered in his brain only after a few seconds past. 

Sculpted French nails reached around his tight abdomen and scraped his skin.  Goose bumps stood up at attention like good little soldiers.   And so did his cock.  Yeah, Jason definitely took notice of his surroundings now.

As he turned to face the owner of the 'love to dig my nails in your ass' woman, his cock twitched from longing anticipation.  Hell, it'd been too long since he seen any action.  Briefly closing his eyes, he envisioned who he hoped it to be....

Leah's fingers traced along each ripped ab muscle of Jason's physique.  Biting her lip, she fought the urge of sinking her teeth into his finely shaped ass.  Damn.  She didn't know what came over her when it came to this man.  Yet, she found herself drawn to him like a moth to a flame.  She just hoped like hell she didn't get burned in the process.

As she leaned into his equally tight back, his body flinched.  Her fingers stopped their exploration for only a brief moment.  Although her mind screamed to run, her fingers had their own ideas regarding Jason Steels.  For once she agreed with her wandering hands.  Further discovery was today's mission. 

Her fingers slid south while she exhaled against his back.  But as the slow breath left her body, he turned fully in her direction.  With wide eyes and embarrassment, Leah's cheeks blushed.  Fighting for composure, she locked eyes onto his and forced a smile of pure dominance.  She wasn't sure where this boldness came from but the whole essence of her would not allow any cowardliness right now.  

Part of the strength came from knowing that this man belonged to her although they never really spoke that often.  Yet, brief looks with nods of understanding spoke volumes to her heart.  So she hoped.  As they stood the closest ever; she needed to hear words of encouragement from this man. 

After waiting moments of what seemed a life time of pure torture, Leah licked her lips to calm her nerves.  Words were on the tip of her tongue but then...

"Love the nails...Leah."  Her name against his lips said it all. 

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