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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tempting Tuesday...Rope Knot Tying 101

"Today, boys and girls, we will demonstrate the various uses of ropes and knot tying.  Oh, let's remember that not all ropes and knots are the same; therefore, the usage never ceases.  Please note Roberto modeling the ever so practical 'slipknot' with such ease and comfort.  My, how the rope drapes beautifully across and secures his most precious cargo.  Good thinking there, Roberto.  Bravo!"


  1. LOL Very sexy and great play by play!

  2. Outta the way, ladies! I need to check that man for rope burns. And I intend to be very, very thorough. ;) Such tender skin with require intimate kisses -- I mean care. *grin*

  3. LOL, Jenn! I'm right behind you. :-)