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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tempting Tuesday....Pull and Grab, Anyone?

"Alright, sweetie. Let's play a game of 'Pull and Grab'. Ok?"

"Sure. So, how do we play, babe?" His voice hinted a touch of amusement.

"Well, mind you, I'm very hands-on when it comes to all recreational activities. With that being said, I will first demonstrate the role of the pullie." With a quick yank, the cotton towel was once again in my control. Waggling eyebrows, I purred, "THAT, my dear, was the pull."

Without flinching, he stalked me like a lion on a hunt. Edging me towards the bed, he closed in on his prey. Me.

"So it seems, love....Hmmmm, can the 'grab and pull' be done in any order?"

As I reflected over his possible strategies, my voice quivered with ancitipation. "Yes of course."

"Is that so?"  His warm breath teased my earlobe as he gripped my ass.  Tugging my panties with calloused fingers, he quickly ripped the delicate material from my body. "Now THAT, my dear, was both. Grab and pull.  I score."


  1. Oooooooh my. *fans self* As if the pic isn't enough to make me sweat, what a story!!!!
    Thanks SO much;)

  2. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED that excerpt JD!!! Went great with the pic. I'm in need of a cold shower now...

  3. Wow. I love those new special towel holders. Wouldn't one look good at my place! ;> Loved the excerpt, lady. Sizzle!!!

  4. Really nice, JD! Thanks for the snippet! Can't wait to read more......Is that subtle enough?! LOL


  5. Oh my, my, my. I'm suddenly in the mood for a little game of pull and grab. I'm sure I can talk my hubbie into it. :-)

    Thanks for the fun, JD!

  6. LOL! Ya'll crack me up, ladies. I'm so glad you all liked the little excerpt! Yeah, I couldn't resist when I saw this hottie...definitely makes me want to pick up a new sport. Maybe I could make it to the olympics....hmmmmmm?

    Thanks for stopping by and all the wonderful comments!

    JD :)