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Monday, June 13, 2011

Tempting Tuesday....Abs or Ass?

 Hmmmm, I couldn't decide on which photo of Jed Hill, I like the best.  You decide.  Are you an ab lady or an ass one? 

Both his abs and ass sizzle my insides.  Bounce a quarter on either or lick off honey on both. Yep...pass over the roll of quarters and a gallon of honey.  It's time to work those muscles. 

 And FYI, ladies, he is the same model with the guitar a few weeks back.  I think I'm officially a stalker now...heehee. :)


  1. OMG - *fans self and wipes drool from chin* what a delightful treat this morning! Do I have to pick just one b/c I like both :P

  2. Oh, good golly! He is beautiful. If I have to chose I think I'm going for the abs. Just think of where the honey would drip down to and where I'd get to lick;) hehehe

  3. LOL ladies. He is a hottie. I have to agree with Jen. So many more fun places to lick from the abs. :-)