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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday...Traditions Build a Connection

Traditions have a certain place within different cultures, ethnic groups, and families.  The idea of having a 'special' long established custom handed down from generation to generation can have a profound effect on how people view the world around them and themselves.  A tradition can give someone strong ties whether its towards their family or community. 

These rituals can invoke an intimate connection between the present lives of today to the ancestors of yesterday.  When people continue the rituals of long ago handed down from their parents, grandparents,and great grandparents and so forth, the family lineage becomes stronger with each passing year because it's like a part of each ancestor partakes of the tradition even though they are not physically present.

There's something nostalgic and intimate about continuing to cook a recipe from a great ancestor, singing the same family 'made up' songs created from years past every Christmas, or telling the same old wives' tales which your grandmother told your mother and she in return told you.

Some may be quirky and fun and others may bring a tear to your eye every time it is performed; yet, you find yourself doing these 'old' customs on a regular basis.  Why?  For myself, they give me a connection with my past and a sense of belonging to something of great importance.  It's almost like I've been entrusted with 'The Holy Grail' and I want to do everything I can to honor and protect that trust placed within me. 

There are some that may be simple; yet, their impact can be strong and everlasting on a person's soul.  One such simple family tradition which occurred when I was young, included reading the family Bible every night before bedtime.  The whole family would congregate on top of my parents' bed and we would take turns reading a passage from The Bible.  Then we discussed what we read and end the time with a prayer.  It was something that still resonates within me and I cherish those times.  My Dad told me that it was done the same way when he was a youngster.  Although I don't have children of my own, I do value those times of sitting on the bed and reading GOD's word with my husband.  We may not be able to do it every night with crazy schedules but when we do, I feel a stronger connection not only with GOD and my husband but with my past loved ones as well. 

What types of traditions or rituals do you continue to keep going within your family, friends, or community?  How did it impact your life and in what ways does it keep you connected?

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  1. I always remember my mom reading to us at bedtime. It's something I've done from day 1 with my own kids. Sometimes when I read to them, I hear my mom's inflections in my own voice and I love that sense of snuggling close with them and sharing that time with them. At Christmas, we always bake things together, some new, some old recipes and it's nice to have those times together too.