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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tempting Tuesday....Save a horse...

"Howdy, ma'am.  I'd be obliged to a cold drink to cool down with and the pleasure of your company as I sit a spell."  

"Why certainly, sir.  I'd be glad to help alleviate any hardship you've acquired while tilling my land."

I'm all for saving the horse and riding the cowboy.

Awwww, excuse me ladies as I need a cold one too...a cold shower that is after viewing this gorgeous male.  He's a model and Brazilian born cowboy, Rodiney Santiago.  Here's the link to his website:

Yep...definitely need some cooling off myself.  :)


  1. *fans self* damn, JD! what an inspiring way to start the morning! I'm reading Lisa Well's DIBS right now and there's a lot of cowboy riding in there! Thanks for the uplift to the morning. Where can I get my own personal cowboy??

  2. Well, I guess you know I'm going to have to go lie in the snow to cool myself off now..........
    Yow-za! He is a fine piece of man;)
    Thanks VERY much!

  3. Too bad I didn't see this one before I cleaned off my car and drove to school. Of course, maybe it would have distracted me while I taught, but what a nice distraction it would have been. :)