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Monday, January 3, 2011

Tempting Tuesday....Here's Johnny!

His quirky and eccentric ways add to his sex appeal.  Who else can look hot while playing a scallywag pirate, a quiet recluse with scissors for hands, or a gypsy seducing the local chocolatier?  That's right. None other than Mr. Johnny Depp.  He can definitley wag my scally any time at all...Enjoy, ladies.   :)

Rugged and yet so sexy.


  1. Ooohhh...I love me some Depp!Thanks, JD!

  2. Well, yummy, yum, yum!! I love Johnny. He's one of my favorite actors -- and not just to look at;)
    I love his interviews because of his attitude. *sigh* Excuse me now. I'm going to need a moment...........
    Thanks, JD!

  3. God, I loved 'Chocolate' ... love pronouncing it Sho-co-lot, and seeing him as a gypsy vagabond. He can wag my scally too, JD.

  4. I love Johnny! He is just so, so, so HOT! I am really excited to see him as a pirate again! :)

    Jen, I just saw him on one of those late shows and I agree! He has such a laid back attitude and he is so creative and interesting that he just makes a girl swoon (and I am not the swooning type).