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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tempting Tuesday...Gonna go Lenny's way?

Woke up today in the mood for some Lenny Kravitz.  Hey, what woman wouldn't...hell, what man wouldn't for that matter!  Kravitz can rock it and flaunt it like no body's business.  This man can melt the butter off a cold slab of concrete in a Arctic ice storm!  Yeah, he most definitely sends out an electric and intoxicating vibe.  This man creates some rockin' songs that are sensual and hypnotic.  The sexuality of his voice, the lyrics, and rhythm of the music can send a tingling sensation down my spine.  And let's not forget the almighty alpha male stance, head swinging, and hip gyrations he performs all so well.  That man owns the stage!  WHEW!  I think I need a cold shower now.  Anyway, enjoy some of my favorite pics of him. :)

Beautiful smile. :)
Love those eyes!

I imagine Vishous from JR Ward's BD Brotherhood kinda like this. :)

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